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Bright Savings

At Roanoke, we have accepted your call for us to provide you with "best in class" service and we're responding to that call with action.  Currently we have set the stage for several projects we plan to complete over the next three to four years. 

Our outdoor Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting project is one, in which, we will be deploying more energy efficient outdoor lights to all of our member-owners over the next two years. Ultimately, using more energy efficient lighting will reduce both corporate and individual expenses - leaving you with more money in your pocket. As your cooperative, we are committed to efforts that help us bring affordable electricity to you and other member-owners. 

Why LED lights?

  • More dependable than other lights
  • Last longer
  • More energy efficient (each light uses about 50% less kilowatt hours)
  • Cost less than High pressure sodium (HPS) lights

Here's a comparison photo of a member-owner's home before and after installing the outdoor LED light.

For more information about other ways we're "Responding to the Call to Serve" over the next few years.


News and Events

June 09, 2017

The Roanoke-Chowan Partners for Progress Phase 2 (RCPP2) convened its quarterly meeting on Friday, June 9, at Roanoke Electric Co-op’s headquarters. RCPP2 is a local collaborative effort of community partners led by the co-op. Partners gathered to hear updates about one of the co-op’s most valued projects – Roanoke Connect.

June 08, 2017

Educators have until September 18 to be granted up to $2,000 towards their classroom project.

June 07, 2017

Two local high school seniors recently completed internships at Roanoke Electric Cooperative. 

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